Short hair women and folks with short hair in front of Barbershop

Welcome to The Barb Shop Community

We are so happy to have you here! You are joining a group of independent thinkers, game changers and folks who just happen to love some good lookin’ chin-up style. We believe that living your truth is your most attractive quality. We are building a community of folks who will celebrate that with us.  

Different women and folks with short hair in tracksuits on a blacktop kicking up their legs
Asian short-haired person and black woman with fro reading newspapers in Barbershop waiting room

The Barb Shop Stories

We would love to hear your stories, and we are using this as a safe space to capture our own. Check out The Barb Shop Blog.

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Check our Events page for upcoming Barb experiences out in the world!

Portrait of Peloton trainer Tunde with short hair and holding black hat

Barbs We Love

Tunde for showing us true confidence

Our Barbs around the country are out there DOING things! We want to celebrate them, elevate their platforms, and promote Barbs everywhere.