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Short Hair Gift Guide

Sheena Lister
Person with short blonde hair wearing Gold Goodr sunglasses

Maybe you’re here because your sibling or your bestie or your daughter recently cut their hair and you thought it would be fun to get them a gift that honors their new Barb identity. Maybe they’ve been rocking short hair for years and you want them to know you see them. Or hey, maybe you’re shopping for yourself as you shop for friends and family (no shade - we all do it!).

The internet is full of styling ideas for short hair, and while short cuts are great as-is, there are lots of fun ways to pin hair back or take their cut to the next level with the right addition. From barettes and clips, to standout earrings and the perfect go-to product, having fun with their short hair is a great way to feel authentic and the best time to experiment with products and accessories that they may not reach for if their hair was longer.

Whether they’ve been rocking a pixie for years, are growing their hair out from a buzzcut and are stuck in an awkward phase, or recently had a transformational haircut, there’s a gift idea below. And per our values at Barb, many of these gifts are from woman-owned & minority-owned brands.

For Your Friend Who Just Made the Chop

 Barb soft clay pomade without lid

After a transformational haircut, most people don’t want to spend months figuring out what the perfect styling product is for their new look. Score major brownie points when you gift them a one-and-done, magically matte yet moisturizing pomade that they can use to texturize, add volume, or just throw in their hair before air drying. 


An Earring That Will Pop With Their Cut

wearewell drop hoop earring

When I got my first pixie cut in 2014, I loved the way earrings really stood out without getting caught or lost in my hair. This Black-owned brand is a one woman show and each pair of earrings is handmade in Washington D.C. by the founder herself. This terracotta pair is unique, and there are neutral solids as well if that’s more their style.


Gift Their Scalp Some Love for Under $20

orange scalp brush/massager

This scalp massager comes in a vibrant orange and will quickly become their favorite shower companion. Great for working in shampoo or conditioner, or better yet, for a li’l zen scalp massage moment where they forget all their worries for a sec. It would make a great stocking stuffer as well!


Help Cut Down Their Morning Routine

Laifen compact hair dryer

Sure, short hair typically dries more quickly than long hair, but air drying isn’t always the vibe. This blow dryer will save space in their cupboard and time in their mornings with its 105,000 rpm brushless motor that works 5X faster (!) than your average dryer.


For the Friend Who Buzzes Their Own Head

Babyliss Hair Clipper

Upgrade their DIY buzz cut situation with this high-end clipper. It comes with 8 guard attachments and has an ergonomic grip, and is a quality brand that’s a go-to for many barbers. It might be way nicer than what they realistically need to accomplish an at-home buzz cut, but we all need to be a little extra sometimes. If your friend is constantly talking about buzzing their head, maybe this is the gentle push they need!


For When They Need to Cover It Up

Blue Barb Beanie

One thing about short hair - if they sleep on it wrong, they might end up with enhanced cowlicks and alfalfa moments. Give them a beanie for non-shower days or days when something isn’t laying quite right. Especially great for cold winters where their ears might be exposed!


Jewel-Inspired Barrettes

France Luxe Hair Berettes in various colors

These jewel-inspired clips are great worn individually or mixed-and-matched for versatility. Made from quality acrylic and metal, they’ll hold hair securely in place and the variety of colors are perfect year-round. Best for Barbs sporting a longer pixie or a bob.


The Most Beautiful Comb They’ll Ever Own

Tresses must be tamed at some point, so why not do it with a tool as bold and beautiful as the individual using it? This gorgeous handmade comb is the perfect luxury addition to any short-haired routine, so they can finally ditch that flimsy drugstore comb. 


The Perfect Everyday Necklace

Automic Gold necklace around neck

Automic Gold is queer-owned and known for its “radically wearable fine jewelry.” For your short-haired friends who appreciate a classic wardrobe staple, this simple sustainably-made chain is it. Understated yet chic, this will complement their short hair, adding a subtle upgrade to their natural style. Available in 14k yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, as well as 9 different chain lengths for a truly customized gift.


A Bold Finishing Touch

Person with short blonde hair wearing gold Goodr sunglasses

From earrings to sunnies to cosmetics, everything you choose to wear from the neck up stands out a bit more in the best way when you’re rocking a short cut. These mid-sized polarized sunglasses are the perfect addition to a bold look, well-suited for any buzz, pixie mullet, and beyond. They’ll act as an ideal finishing touch to elevate their bold and confident aesthetic.


Blog Contributor: Hannah Gerber