We founded Barb to give people with short hair a home.

Sheena - LBB (Life Before Barb)

Who is Barb?

Barb was Founded by Sheena Lister (she/her) a 15+ year “Barb” who didn’t feel seen in the hair and beauty industries. As she browsed store aisles, websites or social media feeds while searching for the perfect product, she realized she was not represented in the short hair space, and more importantly could not find a product that performed as she wanted it to.

Why Barb?

After speaking with many of her short haired friends and community, she realized she wasn’t the only one facing these struggles when it came to finding products, services and community made for or marketed to them - so she founded Barb, the brand for short hair.

Sheena - LAB (Life After Barb)

Where do we fit?

Barb centers women, trans and non-binary people in its imagery and inspiration because representation matters. But don’t get us wrong - our products are designed to be gender neutral and will work well for all short haired humans.  

What's the product scoop?

Pomade was a product that Sheena used most often so the first product launched was our signature Barb soft clay pomade. Our pomade leaves your hair feeling soft and pliable, never sticky or stiff while still allowing a flexible, all day hold. And don’t get us started on the gender neutral fragrance - it is UH-MA-ZING (don’t take our word for it. Check out what our Barbs have to say here). Ultimately, our goal is to build a brand that will include a line up of the best styling products around.


Love, Barb

While we are hard at work making the best styling products out there, we are also working to evolve the hair and beauty industries to a more inclusive and expansive space where we can all express and celebrate our own individuality and show up in this world as we want to!

We are so grateful you’ve found us and we hope you will join us in our journey. Please feel free to drop us a line at hello@thebarbshop.com and tell us about your experience, feedback on products or anything you’d like to connect on - we love hearing from you!

In the meantime, GoBarb!


Team Barb