• Light brown corduroy hat material with embroidered orange Barb logo in the front center above the brim
  • Close up image of orange logo embroidery on light brown corduroy hat
  • Barb with black t shirt and gold necklaces wearing corduroy hat and playfully peering out from under the brim
  • Orange un-branded duffel bag with corduroy Barb hat and striped socks laying across the top

Corduroy Hat

Regular price $30.00

While we know your Barb looks great EVERY day, we also know that some days are *hat days* so throw on this stylish cord hat fashun statement and get ready for folks to ask "Who's Barb?"

5 panel unstructured; One size fits all Barbs

Cut it, bob it, lob it, love it, rough it, buzz it, slick it, twist it, mullet, spike it, ‘hawk it, walk it, Shag it. However you Barb, You’ll need a

Keeping It Short (and real)

Go Barb, Go!

Come for the buzz, stay for the Barbs–and when you find your crew, do your ‘do like you.