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Who is Barb?

Sheena Lister
Sheena and Megan Photo

Barb (noun, verb or adjective); plural Barbs

Definition of Barb

: a term used to describe a short-haired person, vibe, style or mindset. 

 //Hey, nice Barb!

//Look, there’s a Barb!

//Go Barb or go home! 


  • Chin-up haircut
  • Short hair


If you are reading this, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining the Barb journey and for supporting our mission to create amazing products and community for women and folks with short hair.

Allow us to introduce ourselves - we are Sheena Lister (she/her) and Megan Andrews (she/they), the founders of Barb. The two of us were introduced under the impression that we might take over the sports world together but the universe had other plans in mind. 

We initially bonded over our shared competitive nature (S was a scrappy college tennis player, M, a college ultimate frisbee champion), excellent taste in craft beer (both like IPAs and porters), and need for morning coffee (S likes hers black, M a touch of cream). Working in sports together didn’t pan out but a couple years later, we reconnected and realized in addition to our (impeccable) short hair styles, we also shared a desire to redefine the short hair space (S prefers shears for her thick locks, M digs clippers for that clean fade).  

Throughout our individual short-haired journeys, we had each found ourselves stuck between two traditional worlds - salons and barbershops. For Sheena, salons are spaces where she can get a great haircut but the cost for a cut every 8-12 weeks is not sustainable. Barbershops, meanwhile, feel designed for a “man’s” cut and she always feels a bit left out as the only woman in a chair. For Megan, Salons have never felt like home. She loves the barbershop experience but doesn’t love that every pomade on the shelf is marketed so specifically to ‘men’. 

We knew that there had to be a better, more inclusive solution -- enter, Barb!

We founded Barb with the vision of giving women and folks with short hair a home, a place to feel included, and a badass community of people defying the ‘traditional’ model. A few meetings and google searches of “do scorpios and aquariuses work well together” later, we sealed our cofounder deal and the rest is hairstory. (For you astrologers out there, yes, we work incredibly well together).

We are wholly committed to creating hair products for all short hair textures and types, and we are looking forward to creating a space for like-minded Barbs and Barb allies. 

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas as we expand our product line and continue to build our community. Please feel free to drop us a line at - one of us will get back to you.

In the meantime. F#@K it, Go Barb and always Do You.

Your Barbs,

Sheena and Megan