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Love, Barb: Pride 2021

Megan Andrews
Love, Barb: Pride 2021

June is Pride month and we're so excited to launch our company during this energetic and joyful season. We are a queer-owned company based in San Francisco, California so you better believe we're celebrating.

We had two main goals for Pride this year. First, we wanted to work with a queer photographer to capture stunning portraits of members of our queer community, and we wanted to celebrate whatever version of love these beautiful people wanted to highlight this year. If you head over to our Instagram page, you'll see some of these amazing portraits rolling out.

Our second goal was to throw our first live event. None of us was even sure if Pride was going to happen this year. To be able to gather safely after all we've been through this past year was a top priority. 



Barb will be doing its first official pop-up in Dolores Park on Saturday, June 26th from 11am - 3pm. We are looking for a few brave souls to #GoBarb and take their locks from long(ish) to short -- LIVE, in front of the people who love them. We'd like to invite you to join us! And if you just want a trim, a fresh fade, or a nice little clean up for your current Barb, we're booking for that, too. The cuts are free -- all we ask is that you help us continue to build this amazing Barb community. 

Please sign up via this form for a cut with one of our amazing stylists!

Sam Eldridge, Hair Stylist and Owner of Stone + Rye Salon

H, Master Barber at Peoples Barber


We can't wait to celebrate with you on Saturday. LFG!!!