• Cinnamon colored soft corduroy bag with orange Barb logo and orange zipper
  • Hand putting pomade into a cinnamon corduroy travel bag with orange zipper
  • Cinnamon corduroy travel bag with pomade and comb

Travel Bag

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Don't leave home without your Barb! This travel bag is perfect for your hair styling products, make up, comb, dog treats, snacks...whatever is most important to YOU. Bag measures 9 in long by 7 in tall by 3 in deep, with soft, flexible walls and a bright orange zipper for a little Barb flare ;)

Cut it, bob it, lob it, love it, rough it, buzz it, slick it, twist it, mullet, spike it, ‘hawk it, walk it, Shag it. However you Barb, You’ll need a

Keeping It Short (and real)

Go Barb, Go!

Come for the buzz, stay for the Barbs–and when you find your crew, do your ‘do like you.